Learning and Doing the Work of Jesus
St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church
Douglassville, Pennsylvania
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Membership and Stewardship

Membership Information

Welcome to St. Gabriel’s Church!
We are a gathering of seekers exploring our relationship with God and one another within and toward God’s Kingdom. That journey begins in our baptism and continues on throughout  our lives. 

Membership here is pure simplicity.
If you wish to become a member, you may begin by attending services and supporting the church financially. Please notify the office of your contact information which you may do by phone or by using the contact page on our website.

What is expected of members?
Our catechism teaches that; “The duty of all Christians is to follow Christ; to come together week by week for corporate worship; and to work, pray, and give for the spread of the kingdom of God.” Book of Common Prayer, page 856

Our Work
Is to seek justice and respond to human suffering in any way possible and consistent with the teachings of Jesus. Thus our mission is to “learn and do the work of Jesus”

Our Prayer 
Is to gather with others who seek to do this work, not so much to “go” to church as to “be” the church. We seek to pray often in order to make our lives a prayer to the God of our life.

Our Giving,
Is to give of our time, talent and treasure to make provision for the needs of God’s people and God’s church. We expect that we will give in proportion to what God has given us in all areas of our life. We use the following table to help guide us in our level of financial giving gifts for our work and God’s work at St. Gabriel’s. 

Baptism, Confirmation, and Reception
Members are expected to be baptized and confirmed by the bishop. If you are already baptized and confirmed you may wish to be received into this branch of Christ’s Holy, Catholic Church. You may wish to speak with the Priest for more information.

If you are a member of the Episcopal Church and your membership is recorded in another congregation’s register you may wish to have your membership transferred here. You may contact the office to work out the particulars.

Welcome to St. Gabriel’s where we seek to
“Learn and Do the Work of Jesus”


The church exists for the spreading of God's kingdom: to restore all people to unity with God and one another in Christ. The Church carries out this mission through the total ministry of every member. St. Gabriel's motivates members to use all of their gifts for the sake of the kingdom; and just as parishioners make faith filled decisions to allocate God's gifts both within and outside their households, St. Gabriel's makes decisions to allocate God's gifts to do God's work within and outside the parish. Christian Stewardship is being responsible for all the gifts God has given us. 

The clergy and Vestry are focused on developing a better understanding of the total spectrum of stewardship, and its inseparability from spiritual growth. As leaders of the parish, we are working to learn and grow ourselves as we encourage the parish to do the same.

In 2011, Vestry created and approved a stewardship statement that expresses our understanding and intent:

"We believe being good Stewards shapes our spiritual journey. Stewardship nourishes faith 
and trust in God, the source of our abilities and resources. Joyfully sharing these gifts allows 
St. Gabriel's to spread God's love and serve others.  We commit to honoring God and 
sharing God’s word. Recognizing God’s abundance, we commit to intentional prayer, worship, 
fellowship, generous giving and ministry work. We, the Vestry, invite you to join 
us in growing closer to Christ by actively participating in these intentional actions."

Annually in the fall, St. Gabriel's conducts a celebration of the congregation's commitment to financial support of the parish and the Diocese of Bethlehem through a Partnership Weekend which includes the collection of annual giving estimates from our parish family.