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The Episcopal Church Welcomes You!
When Jesus lived among us he sought out the young and the old, the rich and the poor, the sick and the well,

the outcast and common fisher folk. Jesus made no distinctions between folk; neither do we!
The Episcopal Church seeks to embrace the teachings of Jesus by opening its membership and ministry to all without regard to race, class, ethnicity, gender or orientation. At St. Gabriel's we wish to learn and do the work of Jesus by loving all those God gives us.

St. Gabriel's Parish

At St. Gabriel's we believe that all the baptized, lay and clergy alike, are authorized ministers and missionaries of the gospel of Jesus Christ. God has gifted and empowered each of us for ministry in our daily lives at home, at work and in the community. We gather each weekend at St. Gabriel's to be renewed and refreshed for a new week. Our worship experience might be compared to a base camp for climbers coming to receive their supplies, equipment and encouragement for the climb ahead. Our weekly rhythm is prayer and work, learning and doing the work of Jesus. We're both disciples (learners) and apostles (sent out ones).

We are a "three-streams" congregation, seeking to imitate and emulate the early church. We are catholic, meaning universal and drawing on the traditions, liturgies and customs of the church as it developed out of Judaism and evolved through the centuries. We are evangelical, meaning we are committed to sharing in word and deed the good news of God's love in Christ with the world. And we are pentecostal, meaning that we operate in the grace and direction of the Spirit of Jesus sent by God the Father. God is Community, Father, Son and Holy Spirit - Three in One and One in Three, and God calls us to reflect that image of being individuals in unity with God, one another and the world.

Like the early church in the book of Acts chapter 1 verse 8, we understand mission to be in concentric circles out from Douglassville to the Reading area to the Diocese of Bethlehem to the larger Episcopal Church USA and to foreign mission fields in places like Africa and South America. We seek and strive to be involved in each sphere of mission, individually and as a congregation.  

The following books will help you to understand how we understand our worship/spiritual formation and work:

Radical Sending, by Demi Prentiss and Fletcher Lowe, Morehouse Publishing, 2015 

The Celtic Way of Christianity, by George G. Hunter III, Abingdon Press, 2000

The Mystic Way of Evangelism, by Elaine A. Heath, Baker Publishing, 2008

At Home in the World, by Margaret Guenther, Seabury Books, 2006

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