Sunday School Special Events

At St. Gabe’s we realize that Sunday morning events don’t work for everyone. So, we invite you to check out some of our other Kids’ Ministry events during other times or on holidays! What sorts of things do we do?

Visits to the Villa at Keystone – ON HOLD

Visiting the residents of the Senior Living Center next to our church is one of our special events where we spend special time with our Villa friends.

Field Trip Events

For our kids, we plan field trip events to get us out of the church building! You might see St. Gabe’s at a local sporting event or museum. (PSSST…younger and older siblings and kids are invited too. And so are parents!)

Holiday Parties

We like to have fun! So, on some regularly scheduled classroom days, like St. Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day, we take a break from our usual lessons and get together for a good old-fashioned classroom party. Friends are always welcome!

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