Memorial Services at St. Gabriel’s

Thank you for considering holding a memorial service for your loved one at St. Gabriel’s. We hope to make the experience of planning the service as simple and meaningful as possible.

Here are a few questions to think about as you prepare to plan the service:

      • Did your loved one have any favorite hymns?
      • Did your loved one have any favorite Bible passages or poems that could be read aloud at the service?
      • Would you like an open-casket service, closed-casket service, or service with your loved one’s ashes?
      • Would you or a family member like to offer a short spoken address at the service to remember your loved one?

Once you have given these questions some thought and have contacted a funeral home to begin making arrangements, please call the St. Gabriel’s church office (610-385-3144) to schedule a meeting with our priest.  During the meeting, you will work with the priest to help plan the service, and you will also have some time and space to remember your loved one.

A few notes about memorial services:

      • Flowers are welcome in the sanctuary. There are two small pedestals for vases, or flower spray arrangements can be placed in front of the altar.
      • We encourage family members to offer a spoken eulogy or remembrance for their loved ones during the service. Family members wishing to speak should be contacted ahead of time by those planning the service. There will not be an open invitation during the service for anyone to come up and speak.
      • Photo displays are welcome in the back of the sanctuary. We unfortunately cannot accommodate digital slideshows or video montages at the sanctuary.
      • Live music can be planned in coordination with the priest. A pianist or organist for congregational hymns can be arranged by St. Gabriel’s. If the family would like other live musicians to perform, the family can invite those musicians with the permission of the priest.

To hold a spoken memorial service, we ask for a donation of $150 to St. Gabriel’s for the officiant and for use of the space.  If the church pianist or organist plays during the service, we ask for an additional $150 for the musician, for a total of $300 for the service.

We look forward to holding a meaningful service to celebrate the life of your loved one.