St. Gabe's Kids' Ministry

Welcome to St. Gabriel’s!

The motto at St. Gabriel’s is LEARNING and doing the work of Jesus. In support of this mission, we have a complete Christian children’s education program from 3 years through grade 12. We highly value our children, and we minister with them, as well as to them, as they grow in their faith.  Please join us as we learn together!

At St. Gabriel’s, our kids’ ministry is dedicated to teaching our children to learn and do the work of Jesus.

The Kids’ Ministry is for ages 3 through grade 5, to establish the foundation of Bible knowledge and learning of the Episcopal Church in a fun, relaxed environment.  

St. Gabriel’s Children’s Ministry Vision

At St. Gabriel’s, it is our vision that our children will continue to learn and do the work of Jesus through to adulthood. Through the kids’ ministry, we are building the foundation of faith that will last throughout our children’s lifetime. Our children will learn and do the work of Jesus in the nearby community and beyond as they grow up and grow in Christ.

Parental Involvement

We ask that all parents, guardians and/or caregivers support the children’s ministry program in some capacity.  There are many different options throughout the year in which adults can be involved or contribute to the children’s ministry program.