Worship Ministries

Altar Guild, Music,  and Ushers

Worship is our primary “work” as Christians. The word liturgy is a Greek word meaning ‘the work of the people.” Of course, it is joyful, life-giving work that we do week in and week out.

Like climbers go to a base camp for supplies and the direction and encouragement they need for a successful climb, we worship together regularly to receive energy and guidance for everyday mission and ministry. Our worship is both ancient and modern, and includes bible reading, prayer and Communion. All are welcome at the table of Communion at St. Gabe’s.

St. Gabriel’s is comprised of five worshiping communities, including: Saturdays at 5 pm, Sundays at 8 am, 10:30 am and 1 pm; Wednesdays at 11:00 am (1 pm Sundays and 11:00 am Wednesdays are at the Villa.)

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A group of men and women who are called to serve God by preparing and tending the places where our family worships Him.

Our work is a thank offering of time and many talents, a ministry of love undertaken in the name of Christ. Our ministry partners with the priest to make the worship life of our parish run smoothly.

What our Ministry does is often unnoticed because average worshipers do not ordinarily think about the usual furnishings of the altar and sanctuary. We work in teams of two for a month each season of the church year.

There is an Altar Guild Manual which lists how to do each of the services for the entire year. New members are trained by those of us who have been serving. We would love to have you join us in this important ministry.

Contact: Marilyn Rittenhouse

The choir rehearses on Thursday evenings from 7:00 – 8:30 PM, and on Sunday mornings from 9:30 to 10:15 AM before the 10:30 AM worship service.

The choir sings at most 10:30 AM Sunday services from September through Pentecost (late May or early June), as well as occasional special services such as Evensong, Advent Lessons and Carols, Easter Vigil, and other seasonal services.

We love all types and traditions of music and liturgy, and seek to be as inclusive as possible in creating a meaningful and moving worship experience.

Contact: Jake Leonowitz

Ushers greet people as they enter the church and give each person a bulletin for the service. They are the first face a visitor sees and we always want to let the visitor know we are glad to see them.

Ushers also deliver the sacraments to the altar and gather the collection during the offertory. Additionally, ushers guide the congregation to the altar for communion.


8:00 AM service – Darlene Cooper

10:30 AM service – Gordon Wray

Christian Education and Child Care

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St. Gabriel’s is happy to offer child care for young children from 9:15 AM to the end of the 10:30 service. The nursery is staffed by employees from the Good Shepherd Learning Center who have longtime experience and all necessary clearances. Your child will be in good hands. 

Location: Nursery, on right, just pass the Music Room  

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St. Gabriel’s Kids’ Ministry Program

“Teaching the children to learn and do the work of Jesus”

Ms. Katie, Sunday School Coordinator

There is a Sunday School Class offered for children ages 3 – Grade 5. 

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We take youth seriously…and have some serious fun in the process!…

At St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Church, we take seriously a life long journey of Christian Formation. Starting in Pre-School children are introduced to Bible Study, Worship, and Fellowship. When they reach Middle and High School teens are placed into a peer community with mentors from the congregation who work, pray, worship, teach, and serve with them. We encourage our teens to explore and experience “Learning and Doing the Work of Jesus” in order for them to grow into their individual calling as Christians.

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During the “School Year,” we offer a time Sunday at 9:30 AM for the adults in our congregation to meet and enrich their spiritual journey.

The class meets in the library/meeting room. Volunteer lay leaders lead this ministry as the class members explore their own spiritual journeys. This is a leadership and spiritual development group. There is no class during the summer or when children’s classes are not held.

Other educational/formational experiences are offered through the year, including Living Compass, Common Ground classes, bible studies, book studies, and other small group activities.

We are committed to instilling a lifelong love of learning through the understanding of early childhood development; providing a safe, warm, caring environment enriched by Christian values.

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"Christianity has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and not tried." ~ Gilbert K. Chesterton