Welcome to St. Gabriel’s!

The motto at St. Gabriel’s is LEARNING and doing the work of Jesus. In support of this mission, we have a complete Christian children’s education program from 3 years through grade 12. We highly value our children, and we minister with them, as well as to them, as they grow in their faith.  Please join us as we learn together!

At St. Gabriel’s, our kids’ ministry is dedicated to teaching our children to learn and do the work of Jesus.

The Kids’ Ministry is for ages 3 through grade 5, to establish the foundation of Bible knowledge and learning of the Episcopal Church in a fun, relaxed environment.  

St. Gabriel’s Children’s Ministry Vision

At St. Gabriel’s, it is our vision that our children will continue to learn and do the work of Jesus through to adulthood. Through the kids’ ministry, we are building the foundation of faith that will last throughout our children’s lifetime. Our children will learn and do the work of Jesus in the nearby community and beyond as they grow up and grow in Christ.

Parental Involvement

We ask that all parents, guardians and/or caregivers support the children’s ministry program in some capacity.  There are many different options throughout the year in which adults can be involved or contribute to the children’s ministry program.

Join us for Sunday School in our Sunday School room on the main level of our Church from 9:15 to 10:15 on Sundays!

Each Sunday, we start our Sunday School program in our Sunday School room on the main floor of the church. Children ages 3 through Grade 5 are welcome to join kids Sunday School, and older children can join our Youth group!

Sunday School starts at 9:15 with singing and music and continues usually with a Bible lesson and other activities! Whatever we have planned for the day – the fun continues with kids building relationships that will last forever. Sunday School is over at 10:15.Our own Sunday School teacher, Ms. Katie started in our kids’ ministry and is now back with us as a teacher!

You can join Sunday School at any time during the year – and you are under no obligation to come every Sunday. We would love to have you!

Meet our Sunday School Coordinator

St. Gabe’s is blessed to have Ms. Katie, an education professional with over 10 years of experience as our Sunday School Coordinator! If Ms. Katie looks familiar that is because she is also a teacher at the Good Shepherd Learning Center here at St. Gabe’s during the week.

When not teaching kiddos, Ms. Katie lives in our area with her husband, Mr. Mike who also volunteers with us, and her two sons.

Have questions or want more info?

Check out our FAQs here and find answers! You can also email the St. Gabe’s Kids’ Ministry at stgabeskidsministry@gmail.com.

At St. Gabe’s we realize that Sunday morning events don’t work for everyone. So, we invite you to check out some of our other Kids’ Ministry events during other times or on holidays! What sorts of things do we do?

Visits to the Villa at Keystone

Visiting the residents of the Senior Living Center next to our church is one of our special events where we spend special time with our Villa friends.

Field Trip Events

For our kids, we plan field trip events to get us out of the church building! You might see St. Gabe’s at a local sporting event or museum. (PSSST…younger and older siblings and kids are invited too. And so are parents!)

Holiday Parties

We like to have fun! So, on some regularly scheduled classroom days, like St. Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day, we take a break from our usual lessons and get together for a good old-fashioned classroom party. Friends are always welcome!

You can keep up to date on our Kids’ Ministry events by liking our page on Facebook: St. Gabe’s Kids’ Ministry