Worship Services

5:00 PM

1801 Chapel

Holy Eucharist Rite II Communion in our historic 1801 Chapel

Modern language with folk-style guitar and hymns

1801 Chapel

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Sunday Morning
8:00 and 10:30 AM*

Main Church (1884)

8:00 AM – Holy Eucharist Rite I 

Communion service with traditional language, no music

10:30 AM – Holy Eucharist Rite II  (*Service held at 10:00 AM in summer)

Communion service in modern language with blended music with organ and choir.

Sunday School for children, teenagers, and adults runs from 9:15 to 10:15 AM

1884 Church

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What to Expect at Worship

What do the worship services look like?

The services have several different components, including some readings from the Bible, a sermon or message, prayers for people around us (locally and globally), Holy Communion, and singing. You can view a sample service bulletin or watch a previous worship service on our Facebook page.


How do I know what to say and do?

There are printed service bulletins for you to pick up when you come into the church. The bulletins have all of the service printed in them – Bible readings, responses, prayers, and hymns. If you have any questions or need guidance, there are always a few ushers in the church who are willing to help!


Where can I park?

There is a large parking lot on your right BEFORE you get to St. Gabriel’s as you drive down Rt. 422, after the Keystone Villa.


What should I wear?

Most folks wear “business-casual” – jeans or dress pants, a button-down or polo shirt for men, a blouse or patterned shirt for women. There is a lot of variation, though; some people are more relaxed and others are dressier. Come in what is comfortable for you.


Where do I enter the building?

The 1801 Chapel (where the 5:00 service is held) is past the main church building. Keep walking down 422 on the sidewalk until you see a gray stone building; then come on in.

The main church is the large stone building next to the parking lot. You can enter the sanctuary through the red double doors that face out onto 422. To enter the church offices and Sunday School wing, walk past the red double doors until you come to a door under an awning that reads “St. Gabriel’s Parish Life Center.” Come in that door.

For more information, look at our building map.


How long does the service last?

The Saturday service at 5:00 PM lasts about one hour, as does the Sunday 10:30 service. The 8:00 Sunday service is a bit shorter because there is no music; it usually lasts around 50 minutes.


Do I have to be Episcopalian to come to St. Gabriel’s?

Not at all!  Everyone is welcome to come and participate in the service as much as you feel comfortable.  We celebrate Communion (or Eucharist) every week, in which everyone is welcome to take part.


Is the church handicap-accessible?

Yes. Enter the building using the door under the red awning that reads “St. Gabriel’s Parish Life Center.” Then turn right once you are inside to enter the sanctuary.


What if I’ve been hurt by the Christian church before?

There is no doubt that the Christian church (as a global body) has made mistakes, hurt innocent people, and excluded individuals from the embracing love of God. These are sins for which the church has to seek forgiveness and make amends. We hope that if you’ve been hurt by the church before, you’ll reach out to us at St. Gabriel’s, so that we can build a healthier, more loving, Christ-like community together.


How can I find out more if my question isn’t listed here?

Feel free to contact us by email or phone using the information at the bottom of this page.